Collection and settlement of overdues has now
become simpler, better and smarter than ever before,
– BillSource is the way of the future.

March 2012 | Founder and Owner |

Collect Your Dues

Billers maintain a steady cash flow

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  • Now, BillSource offers an alternative collection channel, reaching out to debtors who want to remain credit worthy, ready to settle their long overdue accounts, and ensure your cash flow remains steady.
  • BillSource for business offers a self-service on- demand solution to load, monitor and track accounts receivables on long overdue accounts, no implementation hassles. Once registered loading bills is easy and quick.

Pay Your Dues

Individuals stay credit worthy

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  • There is world-wide trend of high personal financial leverage putting more pressure on individuals already carrying huge financial burdens. More and more it leads to unhappy families.

  • Billsource for individuals offer a self-service channel to conveniently monitor and settle long overdues prior to being handed over to debt collectors and prevent being listed with credit bureaus.

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