Loosing track of outstanding invoices


Struggling to manage rising debt


Considering counselling or financing

"We introduce order so you can save time and money"

Individuals Stay Credit Worthy

  • Save on interest and penalties for late payment
  • Improve your payment profile by settling dues
  • View all your outstanding dues in one place
  • Receive discounts on long overdue accounts
  • Make easy payments without making errors
  • Check for Identity Theft

Businesses Maintain Steady Cashflow

  • Load invoicing information quick and easy
  • Monitor payments as and when they happen
  • We make use of an accredited payments gateway
  • Maintain your cash flow position
  • 100% paperless and environmentally friendly
  • 100% reduction in reconciliation errors

Accountants Improve Debtor Management

  • Customers spend time on selling more
  • Reduce customer administrative overheads by 30%
  • Extend your accounting capability
  • Improve your invoicing and GL processes
  • Improve your customer billing experience

Factor/Financiers Gain Access to New Opportunities

  • Identify qualified business partners
  • Reduce administrative overheads by 50%
  • Immediate notifications on available books and invoices
  • Invoice factoring exchange
  • Support businesses cash flow

"Manage all your bills in one place"

BillSource - EBPP

We are a bill aggregator offering you the ability to make payments

BillSource - cloud

We manage your platforms through a subscription based SaaS model

BillSource - CRM

We manage your platforms through a subscription based SaaS model

BillSource - API

We offer seamless integration with your existing systems

BillSource - secure

Security of our customers’ data is our top priority

BillSource - vault

We offer a simple and secure document management vault

"Billsource is used by many to weather the storm"

Mark Williams,
Professional Athlete, Sydney


I can see all my bills in one place. It helps me to stay credit worthy and never miss a payment. Thanks


Kenneth Onah,
SME Owner, Lagos, Nigeria


Since we"ve moved to cloud billing and collections, our cash flow have improved. BillSource breaks down barriers between debtors and creditors


Sarah Conner,
Accountant, Chicago, Illinois


We extended our services to our clients and have received positive feedback helping them make money move faster. In the process we have added additional income streams and won new business. The DCA programme works well in our business. Great.


Debt Console, Durban, South Africa


We are helping individuals struggling with debt. BillSource makes it possible for us to reach new customers daily


"Billsource is tailored to your specific business needs"

Business size Startup Small Medium Agency Factor
$5.95 Basic $15.95 Select $150.95 Prime $200.95 Prime $250.95
No. Customers Up to 1,000 Up to 100,000 Up to 1,500,000 Up to 3,500,000 Up to 5,500,000
Bill Presentment and Payment
Invoice Age Tracking
CRM and Product Catalogue
Email and SMS Notifies
TLS Security and Backups
Business Support
Statements and Reports
Multiple Users
Bulk Imports and APIs
Agency Billing
Factoring Exchange