Maintain a Steady Cash Flow

Now, BillSource offers an alternative collection channel, reaching out to debtors who want to remain credit worthy, ready to settle their long overdue accounts, and ensure your cash flow remains steady.

Value Network

  • BillSource brings a network of Debt Collectors, Counsellors, and FSPs together to make money move faster. Our System of Engagement is specifically designed to bring related business activities together that fit together. Get rid of those time consuming collections activities and let the network work for you while you keep full visibility of progress collecting on late payments. Debt Counselors form part of our network and assist individuals who want to reach out and start to manage personal debt better. Our network also includes Financial Service Providers that underwrite exclusive deals to a community who are managing debt responsibly, for both the business and for individuals.

Kenneth Onah, SME Owner, Gauteng

Since we've moved to cloud billing and collections, our cash flow have improved. BillSource breaks down barriers between debtors and creditors